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Re: Offshore Design

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I would like to second what Mr. Francois said regarding American and European firms operating in the Caribbean. The same applies to the Middle east and especially the Gulf region. Several US, British, Canadian and Australian firms compete for lucrative jobs here. Those of them who rely solely on their staff thousands of miles away end up with designs very incompatible with the markets here, and end up doing one job only and are unable to get additional jobs. While those who combine local expertise with theirs end up with the professional designs.
From this ongoing discussion, it seems most US engineers are alarmed at the prospect of loosing a chunk of there work to outside engineers. They shouldn't for the following reasons:
1- Taking myself as an example, though I studied in the US. For the past 15 years my experience was here in the Middle East. . Getting jobs on my own is just unfeasible, unless it is through a US based engineer. The construction materials, construction techniques, units,...,etc. are quite different
2- If a US based engineer manages to find an foreign engineer who can supply him with quality designs at lower costs, it is an advantage to that engineer. He can screen in only the quality work, since at the end of the day he is responsible for all work done by outsiders.
Hasan Hindawi