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Re: Steel Antenna Towers.

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I have only done radio towers under Canadian code requirements, which include reference to TIA-222-E and other publications.
I work on the individual elements and calculate the loads out of tables and figures that apply to the various shapes that I have. Together with height factors etc, I then calculate a UDL on the elements.  For simplicity I calculate the node point forces for overall stability and use UDLs for member combined bending.  The calculation is applied to any "exposed" element and thus does not require a judgment of "rear face" etc.  Here we also have to take ice-build up into account which may give a cylindrical profile in heavy ice areas.  So the profile can actually change as the climate changes.
Hope this helps.

Thor A Tandy P.Eng
Victoria BC
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> 1. While calculating wind loads on members, shall I ignore the rear and
> faces of the tower?
> 2. Is the wind load to be applied as UDL on the members or Conc loads on
> the joints? What is the normal practice?
> Amin