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RE: Steel Antenna Towers.

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First the current standard is ANSI/TIA/EIA-222-F-96.  
It has been awhile since I designed a guyed tower, but the practice at that
time was to evaluate the projected area with ice (if req'd)  and apply
appropriate shape factors.  The wind loads on a triangular tower were
predicated on a windward condition 90 degrees to the most heavily loaded
face (i.e. the face where the wave guide is placed) and a windward condition
straight on to the point.
The governing wind load was generally 90 degrees from the face.  So in
answer to your question, the traditional practice was to disregard the wind
on the leeward faces.
The wind was generally applied as a uniform load on the mast.  The microwave
and antennas were represented as a point load.  Leeward and windward effects
on the guy cables was not ignored.
The above presumes guyed towers where the mast is relatively compact.  Guyed
towers were different and the effect on the leeward faces should be additive
with the appropriate shape factors.

Harold Sprague

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> I sent the following request on Sunday but there is no response for the
> last
> two days. I hope my knowledgeable and experienced colleagues will respond.
> > I have to design Microwave Antenna Towers to TIA-222-E. I have gone
> through
> > this standard but could not find specific answer to the following
> questions.
> >
> > 1. While calculating wind loads on members, shall I ignore the rear and
> side
> > faces of the tower?
> >
> > 2. Is the wind load to be applied as UDL on the members or Conc loads on
> > the joints? What is the normal practice?
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > Amin
> >

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