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Re: masonry & wood

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My experience in URM retrofits typically includes
prequalification testing of epoxied anchors. 
Typically, these values (usually with F.S.=2.5) are
higher than the allowable epoxied anchor values.  I
would suggest this, especially because you have a
two-wythe wall.  Usually, five tests are in shear
(torque tested), and five are pull tested to

Your plywood shear values will default to whatever
nailing you apply to the 1/2" sheathing.  The 3/8"
shear panel will likely be disregarded.  Well, at
least the building dept. will probably think so.  Can
you add nailing to the (E) 3/8" sheathing?

Hope this helped.

David A. Topete, P.E.
Oakland, CA

--- Mark Baker <shake4bake(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Two projects, one retrofit of urm and one retrofit
> of wood framed residential, two questions:
> 1. Anyone had success with epoxy anchors in a single
> wythe wall when retrofitting urm (tension and/or
> shear)? I've only 8" of wall thickness to work with,
> cannot use exterior plates with thru bolts due to
> historical preservation society restrictions on use
> of grant money. To my knowledge, 13" is the least
> thickness approved by icbo for epoxy installations.
> I am considering installing the epoxy anchors and
> specifying a testing program for a non icbo approved
> installation in single wythe construction.
> 2. Are there any plywood shear values out there for
> 1/2" plywood installed over 3/8" plywood?
> TIA,
> Mark

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