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Dear Software Vendors

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It is amazing how the World Wide Web has changed the face of marketing. Talking to other fellow engineers, it is obvious that a company's web site plays a very important role. When an engineer comes across a piece of information or a magazine advertisement, he or she if interested, will most probably visit the vendor's Web site for more in-depth look of their products.

What has surprised me is how unprofessional some of our vendor's web sites are, especially the ones that have great products. ( I am not going to name anyone)

Dear Structural Software Vendors:

It is time that you redirect your marketing dollars towards a professional and informative web site of your products coupled with strong technical support and knowledge base articles. Your web site is a preview of your product quality. If your web site is of poor quality, user who has not used your product will get an impression that you product is probably poor too. Which I know is not true in many cases.

Web based advertising is strong. A click on your banner will get them to your web site where you can provide high quality content which will reflect the superb quality of your products. SEAINT web site is a good starting point for advertising. There are many other similar sites you can to advertise on.

I hate to see bad software getting more attention simply because their web site and web advertising strategy is better than yours.

Shafat Qazi, P.E.