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Re: Offshore Design

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--- Syed A Masroor <smasroor(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> We are better at engineering design and writing software, so the
> Americans buy it from us.

Whoa!  This is based on what, price per hour?  Familiarity with IBC 2000? 
Number of engineering degrees?  Number of licenses?  Awards received?  Industry
standards set?  Innovative design techniques?

English grammer and communication skills? (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

I suggest a little humility might be appropriate here.

> The other issue is direct responsibility:
> My last boss used to sign drawings after first glance through them. He
> was the only licensed engineer in the company and his only other
> contribution was dealing with the clients. But, this was supposed to be
> his direct supervision, since we were working in his office instead of
> remote and getting salaries instead of payment on job basis.
> S A Masroor
> Karachi, Pakistan

In general I have agreed with the side of this argument FOR outsourcing work,
even to foreign states.  People forget that the US, despite its unity, is a
union of separate states, that each state separately licenses engineers, and
that my California Professional Engineering license means no more here in
Arkansas than it does in Pakistan.  On the other hand, there are facts of
society and government that get in the way of simple transactions for
engineering work (or any other work) such as: tax obligations, relative
standards and costs of living, military obligations (or lack thereof),
government intervention, worker "protection" laws, etc.  Unless these various
issues are "equalized" (HAHAHA) there will be little realistic comparison of
cost or quality of work.

Keith Fix, PE
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America

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