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Re: LINUX reality check

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First of all, I am not aware that Linux advocates claim it is "invulnerable",
just that it is more stable and MUCH less expensive to deploy than MS' products.
However, I do think it is "safer" than Windows NT/2000 in the long run.

Second, Linux is an open-system product. The argument goes that this should make
it less susceptible to security breeches, since you've got many, many pairs of
eyes on the code any of which could find such a potential breach and repair it.
Windows NT/2000, on the other hand, is closed-source, and only the MS
development staff sees the code. If there are breeches, they may not be
discovered unless someone is looking for them. That means the largest number of
eyes scanning the system (mainly through illegal means like reverse assembly,
etc.) would be those with malevolent intent, so the theory goes. And
theoretically these would outnumber the small number of OS developers at MS who
maintain the code.

If you accept that theory, then it is no surprise that Linux would have a
relatively large number of breeches on the list. Keep in mind that the list
would have to contain only those problems that are known. If you have, say, 1
million programmers with knowledgable access to Linux source code, and only,
say, 1,000 with knowledgable access to Windows NT/2000, what are the chances
that the former is going to undergo more "scanning" than the latter, and that
problems are going to be found much more readily?

As the saying goes, "it ain't what you know, it's what you DON'T know, that can
hurt you".

Bottom line, I've got a Linux server sitting in the back room happily purring
away. It runs on an old 486, and do so quite happily. All the internet tools,
all the server tools, all the utilities, etc., either came free with Linux or
were readily downloaded from the net and installed.

If you consider that the old computer its running on has been amortized--meaning
it didn't cost anything--then the total raw cost for deployment of Linux was
less than $100. If you further assume that the cost for "training" (mostly me
reading manuals and web pages) was about a wash, I'm still coming out, at the
least, about $1,000 to the good. And that's for ONE TINY INSTALLATION.

THAT'S the reason, IMO, that Linux is proliferating. It AIN'T the big
corporations that are using it--they just buy MS and that's that. It is all the
medium- to small installations.

If MS is losing market share that they would have had anyway, it isn't due to an
onslaught, but "death by a thousand cuts".

Oh, and finally: I don't know this guy Fred Moody, but I found the article
interesting until the last paragraph:

"Linux is arguably the worst operating-system product in history, and
Microsoft?s the best. As Linux zealots are beginning to find out, it?s a lot
easier to masquerade as a better product than it is to go out and be one."

Then I also saw that he had published a book titled "I Sing the Body Electronic:
A Year with Microsoft on the Multimedia Frontier", and I realized we're reading
the opinions of a Microsoft bigot, NOT a diligent and unbiased report. With that
in mind, everything in the article is, IMO, suspect. I don't think this guy's
biases make him very credible on this issue.

"Mark E. Deardorff" wrote:
> Here is a link for all you yellow dog LINUX supporters out there.

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