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Re: global opportunities (was Offshore Design)

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> From: "Bill Allen" <Bill(--nospam--at)>

(facetious mode on)
> Pakistan.
> Center of the engineering and software world.
(facetious mode off)

> ||From: Syed A Masroor [mailto:smasroor(--nospam--at)]

> ||Americans are better than us at food and entertainment business. So we
> ||eat at there Pizza Huts(most popular restaurant here), drink Pepsi(80%
> ||of our cola market) and watch Titanic (braking all viewership 
> ||records).
> ||We are better at engineering design and writing software, so the
> ||Americans buy it from us.

avoid mistaking quality (e.g. "better") with low cost or big marketing
budgets combined with political connections. North Americans would not
necessarily use "food" and "Pizza Hut" in the same sentence. As well, I
believe that Pepsi has a cozy relationship with Pizza Hut so where you
find one you get the other.

My experience is that foreign based engineers in emerging economic
regions are very talented but they do not understand the economic, legal
and social realities of North America and partricularly the U.S. Their
understanding comes from the fact that the U.S. is good at exporting
fast food and entertainment that does not reflect economic, legal or
social realities in the U.S., or anywhere/anytime else for that matter.

I wonder who does engineering design for Pepsi/Pizza Hut's

It's amazing how a few simple words connected in innocence can create a

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ad026(--nospam--at)> <>

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