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Re: Recall: Offshore Design

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sikander abulkhair wrote:

>  For an average US
> Engineering firm, it is not very un-common for the supervisor to sign the
> plans at first glance.

Please give me the names of the firms and the principal engineers involved in
this "typical" process.   I will cheerfully report this to the governing board
or boards and ensure this disgraceful behavior does not continue.

It is NOT my experience this is typical.  In fact, when I was working in other
firms (I'm self-employed now), drawings executed by a designer under my
supervision were examined in DETAIL by the "responsible engineer."  Granted, it
only took 20-30 minutes....but he had been involved in the project, had seen the
first few revisions, had already reviewed my calculations IN DETAIL, and knew
what to look for.  In short, he exercised due dilegence.  This was with EVERY
engineer I've worked for during my intership.  In the process, I learned to
sweat every little detail so nothing came up on review--not because I would get
in trouble, but out of pride and professionalism.

Congratulations, Mr. Abulkair--you have single-handledly convinced me to NOT
trust "off shore" engineering.  I am not saying I don't trust foreign-born
engineers or work done overseas, because I have seen quality, professional work
from these sources....but I will NOT trust work "shopped out."  I was willing to
keep an open mind in this debate, but as I've discussed earlier, I look askance
at any work not done under the control of the "professional in charge."  At
least the engineers in the US and Canada know the standards and are aware of
when they're being lazy and unethical (but possibly more profitable, short
term) have demonstrated you do NOT have the faintest clue as to what the
standards are.

Bart Kemper, P.E.

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