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Re: Recall: Offshore Design

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Do you wear the "Iron Ring" of the Canadian Order of the Engineer?  I
wear the "Steel Ring" (US Order of the Engineer) and I take that
reminder of "we are in charge of the safety of others" VERY seriously. 
Tell you what....*earn* the creditials to put "P.E." or "S.E." after
your name, and I might take you seriously or view you as a professional

This has NOTHING to do with nationality or any such irrelevancies--you
have demonstrated you do not know proper engineering procedures nor
value the role of the "in charge."  Just pushing numbers around to fit a
code does not make you an engineer.  In order to produce a safe,
reliable design it has to be able to be understood and properly executed
for that application.  I don't expect someone whose experience has been
in California to have more than a vague theoretical understanding of
dealing with the water tables, alleged soil (aka "Louisiana gumbo"), or
other issues in building in South Louisiana.  I'm in Arkansas every
month for military duty, but I have had to turn down the odd job here
and there I was offered because I am not licensed there and couldn't
accept the work required without an Ark. PE supervising....and that
would have not been economical to put 2 engineers on these little gigs. 
I wouldn't attempt to sit down today and independently draw up detailed
plans for India--I have no clue as to their fabrication/contractor
standards and procedures.  You, unfortunately, seem to think because of
some college courses and some books on your shelf that someone is fit to
be an engineer, responsible for the safety and well being of others.  

I have been a first responder, in the US and overseas.  I have put
twisted, torn meat in body bags.  I remember that every time I do work. 
It's not about money, or nationality, or "off shore/domestic" issues. 
It's about having the resources, knowledge, ability, AND experience to
do engineering.  This is a package deal...can't just pick two or three
of these attribute.  If a person, regardless of nationality and
location, has all four attributes (plus any requisite certification),
then they are qualified to undertake an engineering project.  I do not
tolerate "plan stamping" or poor design practices.  Its not a question
of being able to execute the math....its a question of ENGINEERING.

Bart Kemper, P.E.

sikander abulkhair wrote:
> -
>  Dear "Bart Kemper
> >
> >
> >You have demonstrated you do NOT have  tolerance to oposition.
> > However, my experience with other American engineers is that they are very
> open minded. and always willing to listen to the other side of the story.
> Best regards
> > Sikander Abulkhair

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