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Re: Concorde crash (was The Engineering Paradigm (WAS Re: Op ..)

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Paul Ransom wrote:
> > Subject: Re: The Engineering Paradigm (WAS Re: Op
> > >Are the planes getting old and rusty
> > Lagtest news I heard was the possibility of a piece of debris on the
> > runway damaging one of the tires that blew.
> So, the question of the day should now turn to ...
> Which plane is going to crash next because a chunk of it fell off onto
> the runmay in Paris?
> I find that the news coverage of the Concorde crash has been totally
> tabloid quality. The first interview that I saw tried to determine if
> this would be a different type of investigation because of the
> supersonic nature of the craft. The interviewee, with out skipping a
> beat, simply said, "No." End of story for stuttering reporter. Latest
> big issue has been interviews with the (ground survivor) manager of the
> Inn. Who cares? I gues that when you have lots of international camera
> crews running into each other that you take the person willing to stand
> in front of the camera to get the sound bite, a few tears and bandages.
> So, as always, we will probably never hear any good information about
> the real failures - technical or other.

Honestly, I don't think such an investigation should be on the news,
especially within hours of it occuring.  There is only one country with
"freedom of the press" or such things as The Freedom of Information
Act....and its the U.S.  There is no obligation for other governments to
release information except as what they deem necessary, so you can
rarely expect a forthcoming answer this soon.  In this particular case,
I feel its warranted.  We probably won't hear anything until the report
is complete...and that's the way it should be.  You CAN hear good
information about "real failures", but through technical organizations. 
By the time the final report comes out, it's rarely "news" unless you
live in the area.  Hate to say it...most people don't care about root
cause analysis months after the fact, and CERTAINLY not in detail, and
the general news media does not pander to the selected and focussed
interests of engineers, dang it.
> To follow Fountain's line, I haven't heard any mention of passenger
> lists or attempts to obtain passenger lists. Did the secret for KFC's
> recipe of 11 herbs and spices or Coke go up in flames ...does the
> Russian mafia have a new North American leader ... will the next
> swimsuit edition have second rate models?
Again....if you don't have kin on the flight, why do you care?  Morbid
curiousity?  They shouldn't release the passenger list to the news
media, period.  I've noticed the very people who most chastized the
media for Princess Diana's death, both as proximate cause as well as the
coverage, were either other celebrities who, like Diana, court the media
at THEIR convenience to build their media presence for their causes and
careers *or* are the mass consumers of tabloid information (in or out of
the tabloid) who want the information in the first place.

Bart Kemper, P.E.

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