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You are misinformed and Unlicensed

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I personally would appreciate it if this discussion would be less
xenophobic, nationalistic, and racist.  Besides being rude I do not find
the logic of these arguments to be particularly compelling.

Maybe the administrator of this list would want to clarify whether this
list is only for American Engineers or is it really international in scope
as implied by the name.

Mark Gilligan

Dear Mr. Pakistan and Mr. India:

The high concentration of Engineers from these 2 countries pursuing advance
degrees in engineering (civil/structural in particular) in the US reflects
the fact that they simply would be useless in their own economies, and
therefore attempt to become narrowly defined specialists in areas of
engineering where high levels of computation and analysis (i.e. grunt work)
are required.  Their knowledge of US building codes, construction
techniques, project management and interactions required with licensing and
government agencies, etc. is sorely lacking.  Good engineers are not simply
number crunchers (who can always be come from job shops or outsourcing),
rather individuals who have a thorough understanding of client
administrative and legal requirements and expertise in their chosen field
engineering.  Licensing ensures knowledge of building code requirements,
only engineering expertise.  If your former boss used his license as an
approval requirement without a thorough review of project documents, then
was at fault.  As far as any individual from these countries being better
engineering than US citizens - what a bunch of curry!!!!

J. Baltar P.E./R.A.

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