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Re: You are misinformed and Unlicensed

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Dear Mr. Baltar,

You wrote,

> Dear Mr. Pakistan and Mr. India:

I don't understand what do you imply by this.  Do you want us to address you
Mr. America ?

My I request the list server administrator to discourage these kind of
racist mails and encourage International Structural Engineering mails only
as the list  is intended for !

E. Madhan

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Subject: You are misinformed and Unlicensed

> Dear Mr. Pakistan and Mr. India:
> The high concentration of Engineers from these 2 countries pursuing
> degrees in engineering (civil/structural in particular) in the US reflects
> the fact that they simply would be useless in their own economies, and
> therefore attempt to become narrowly defined specialists in areas of
> engineering where high levels of computation and analysis (i.e. grunt
> are required.  Their knowledge of US building codes, construction
> techniques, project management and interactions required with licensing
> government agencies, etc. is sorely lacking.  Good engineers are not
> number crunchers (who can always be come from job shops or outsourcing),
> rather individuals who have a thorough understanding of client
> administrative and legal requirements and expertise in their chosen field
> engineering.  Licensing ensures knowledge of building code requirements,
> only engineering expertise.  If your former boss used his license as an
> approval requirement without a thorough review of project documents, then
> was at fault.  As far as any individual from these countries being better
> engineering than US citizens - what a bunch of curry!!!!
> J. Baltar P.E./R.A.

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