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RE: Removable exterior walls

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Title: RE: Removable exterior walls

Dear Wolverine Teresa:

I suspect that I am the "Stan" that you are referring to.  Most of my good ideas are also "confidential", so all that I can offer you is the greatest current export of America's Dairyland.  No, I don't mean beer, brats, or cheese.  My alternative is ultra lightweight, waterproof, tough, durable, and readily available locally in Wisconsin.  You must know that I am referring to urethane foam, which is commonly seen nationwide on the heads of loyal Packer and Badger fans.  That's right, its the stuff that "cheeseheads" are made of!;^>

Best regards,

Badger Stan in Dallas

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From: Teresa Dellies [mailto:DelliesTM(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 10:23 AM
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Subject: Removable exterior walls

I am looking for suggestions for alternatives to metal wall panels for a "reusable" exterior wall system for future additions for a single story warehouse/manufacturing building in Wisconsin. (Stan, the site location is confidential--(-:). Concrete precast panels or tilt-up panels with some type of removable lifting anchor system are possible (typical bay sizes are 50'x50'.  Roof at 30 ft AFF.) Does anyone have any experience with detailing particulars and or other alternative systems? Foundation detailing will be important with respect to the future floor slab. The size of the site is not an issue. The environmental impact of the system is VERY IMPORTANT - the "GREENER" the better!

Thank you in advance,

Teresa Dellies, P.E.
Senior Structural Engineer
Carter & Burgess, Inc.