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RE: You are misinformed and Unlicensed

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> The final indignity has to be the insult towards curry which has
>now become our national dish.
You're right--we can do without the slurs. Neither the nonsense that 
Pakistani engineers are better than American engineers nor the 'bunch of 
curry' crack have any place on this list. 

But the use of off-site engineering seems like an important engineering 
practice issues, well worth discussing since there are two sides to the 
issue, neither one completely right or wrong. If someone can do the work, 
he should get a crack at it, provided he operates with the same legal and 
ethical constraints as the domestic product. OTOH if he operates through 
a legal loophole or only gets hired because he's cheap, away with him! 

On the other side, engineers who waltz into another country and start 
perpetuating the ugly American stereotype are no better. If you'll 
remember NAFTA was supposed to open markets and improve national 
economies worldwide, not become a pretext for economic imperialism. 

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