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Re: Concorde crash (was The Engineering Paradigm (WAS Re: Op ..)

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> From: "Bart Kemper, P.E. (" <bkemper(--nospam--at)>

> Paul Ransom wrote:

> > I find that the news coverage of the Concorde crash has been totally
> > tabloid quality. The first interview that I saw tried to determine if

> Honestly, I don't think such an investigation should be on the news,
> especially within hours of it occuring.  There is only one country with

> > To follow Fountain's line, I haven't heard any mention of passenger
> > lists or attempts to obtain passenger lists. Did the secret for KFC's
> > recipe of 11 herbs and spices or Coke go up in flames ...does the
> > Russian mafia have a new North American leader ... will the next
> > swimsuit edition have second rate models?
> > 
> Again....if you don't have kin on the flight, why do you care?  Morbid
> curiousity?  They shouldn't release the passenger list to the news

Hmmm. I guess that the sarcasm got lost somewhere between here and the
server. Generally, the "tabloids" would be all over that kind of Who's
Who list like stink on s**t because the public is morbidly curious,
especially when it comes to the rich and potentially famous. 

I disagree about not putting technical failure details in the public
media. After a few days of boring technical types spouting dry
terminology, the press will move on to greener pastures and everybody
will feel comfortable that the engineers are doing their jobs and all is
right in the world, again. It's win-win!

On the other hand, maybe a sniper on the grassy knoll shot out the tires
as they reached critical speed ... I heard that they found traces of
depleted uranium ...

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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