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Hit "Delete", not "reply"

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Several people have written:
> Okay, already!
> Let's drop this, shall we? It's not productive for anyone, is it really?
> Sheesh!
...or words to this effect.

This is why we have "Subject" on top of our emails.  If there is a
thread you don't like, then don't read it.  Delete it as soon as it
shows up.  Obviously, this is important to some people or it wouldn't
keep showing up.  If its NOT important to you, quit stirring the pot. 

Actually, early on in the "offshore design" thread, I was intrigued by
the idea of shopping out work to qualified people elswhere, which was
why I read it.  It *HAS* changed my mind about the issue, and has been
valuable in that respect because I learned the attitudes of several of
those on the other end of the solicitation.

People jumping in with "enough, stop it" isn't any better than those
who's only contribution to a discussion is "me too" or "ditto."

We all don't do the same type of work, we all don't live in earthquake
areas, we all don't even live in the same hemisphere, so we don't all
care about each and every topic that comes up on this list.  If a person
can weed out  email for various technical topics, why are they suddenly
inable to stop staring at a wreck and not get into a dogfight.  

As to what's a fair awful lot of ink is written in many
countries about the challenges and procedures for international
engineering, outsourcing, responsible actions, due care, licensing,
etc., so it boggles my mind that suddenly that very real aspect of our
profession is "off topic."

And if all of this is nonsense to you, there's that delete button. <grin>

Personally, I'd rather hash out effective ways to model concrete/rebar
design in cyclic tension/compression than deal with silly nationalistic
chest that for the Olympics. <grin>

Bart Kemper, P.E.
down in the swamps of Louisiana

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