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re: Staad: Master/Slave Joints

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Last  time I used this feature " Master/slave " , it did  not work 
properly. I believe REIS even have admitted on their web site that this 
feature does not work properly !!!  

Saying  all that , easiest  solution I  found to  switch  to   ETABS  
program from CSI - BERKELEY .   ETABS  program absolutely  will give  you  
equal deflection  of each frame in  a given direction.  CSI  does have  a  
web  site or you can contact them at   510 - 845 - 2177.
Good  luck

Arvind  Bisarya
Phone  314 - 539 - 0471
Fax        314 - 539 - 8321

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According to Staad's user manual, you can use the master/slave joints to
model a rigid diaphragm.  Does anybody know its limitations/assumptions?
I'm playing with an example, and the results do not make much sense.  I 
a 3d model for a 3 story structure.  I have moment frames evenly spaced in
each direction.  I gave each frame a different stiffness.  Some frames are
all W10's and others are W12 members.
Using the master/slave to make a rigid diaphragm, I would expect that each
frame would have the same deflection, and the differences between each 
would be their stresses.  However, the results are showing each frame with
varying deflections.
Anybody have any insight to this?
Is there a better way to make a 3d model?   (please don't say..."don't use
John Connor, PE
Kansas City, MO

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