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RE: Masonry Cement

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Reference: Masonry Construction, July, 1988, "Why Use Masonry Cements?" by
Al Isberner 

Masonry cement manufacturers don't tell what ingredients are in their
products.  They usually contain portland cement, plasticizers, and
air-entraining additives. 

The bonding ability of masonry cement mortars and all air-entrained mortars
is questionable. The group opposed to air-entraining agents say that the air
bubbles in the mortar interfere with bonding. The group favoring
air-entraining agents say that the agents increase workability (which
improves bond), water retention, and durability of mortars.
I would not use anything that doesn't reveal all of the constituents.  There
was a product used several years ago that was widely used, and was
proprietary.  It was called Sarabond.  The mortar using Sarabond would also
comply with ASTM C-270.  But Sarabond is no longer manufactured because it
resulted in millions in law suits due to corrosion.  It made many
consultants and lawyers rich.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject: Re: Masonry Cement
> Section 2104.4.6 of the Massachusetts State Building Code (6th Edition)
> states "Material Requirement: Neither Type N mortar  nor masonry cement
> shall be used as part of the lateral force resisting system."
> The masonry subcontractor on a job wants to use  pre-proportioned blend of
> masonry cement that meets the requirements of C-150 for the Portland
> cement
> and C-207 for the hydrated lime. The mix (with mason's sand) produces a
> masonry mortar that conforms to ASTM C-270 Type S.
> Two questions:
> Does anyone know why "masonry cement" was put into Section 2104.4.6?
> Can the contractor use the pre-packaged mix?
> Thanks in advance,
> Domenic W. DeAngelo P.E.

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