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RE: Glass Floors

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That is not completely correct. ICBO extorts $50,000 out of suppliers for
the initial approval. Small suppliers, inventors and start ups may be unable
to afford it. This doesn't mean that their product is no good.

In addition, if the material is designed by accepted engineering principles,
it doesn't legally need to have an approval. It is only materials or
products that seek to deviate from these standards and justify their product
through testing, or for which accepted design methods either do not exist or
are too costly to use forcing a testing regimen, that require an approval.

Glass is a material that can be designed with typical engineering tools as
long as allowable stresses have been determined.

That is not to say that I wouldn't require lots of data and think of every
possible load and then double the thickness!<G>

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The supplier has sold many glass floors in many states but he hasn't
heard of ICBO?  C'mon.

The supplier can't even get one licensed professional to stamp the
product.  Not that this one stamp without an ICBO approval would be
enough for us, but all the more reason to be concerned.

I have not encountered glass floors before, but I have encountered many
other unusual products without ICBO approvals with a host of reasons for
not having the approval, takes too long, in the works, too costly, ICBO
is too stringent...  Eventually, these products fade away, as they

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