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Re: SE Registration

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Last I heard it was free.  You would need to check with the office for the latest details.

"Mark E. Deardorff" wrote:

 I didn't know you guys were so accomodating! Do the panel members volunteer their time or will the applicant have to pay for the service?Mark
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No, you are not out of luck.  Contact SEAOSC and tell them your situation.  We have an arrangement with the board that we will interview candidates.  If the panel concurs that they are qualified to sit for the exam, the panel will be your reference.  You will need to bring samples of your work and be prepared to discuss the projects with the panel.

Richard Ranous

BOELTER wrote:

I am a working engineer in Arizona.  I obtained my CA Civil PE about 6 months ago.  Where I am currently working there are no engineers with a CA SE.  With no one having a CA SE in my office to review my work am I out of luck with regards to being able to sit for the CA SE when my 3 years as a CA Civil have been completed. Richard Boelter, PE