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ASTM A 108, Grade C 1010

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In your original message, you didn't say what the item is for which the
material was identified on the shop drawing as "C1010".  I doubt that the
fabricator was referring to ASTM C 1010, but it is quite possible that he
was referring to ASTM C 108, Grade C 1010.  ASTM A 108, "Standard
Specification for Steel Bars, Carbon, Cold Finished, Standard Quality."
ASTM A 108 is a material specification that is commonly used for many
miscellaneous steel products such as welded studs.  The material for these
products are often only commonly identified by the grade of the stock
material used to produce the product.  Grade C 1010 is so common, that
blacksmiths use it as stock material for much of their work, including

FYI, here are the properties of ASTM A 108, Grade C 1010 material:

0.08-0.13% carbon
0.30-0.60% manganese
0.040% maximum phosphorus
0.050% maximum sulfur

Any required mechanical properties, such as yield strength, are a
supplemental requirement that would have to be specified by the purchaser.

Hope this helps,

James H. Stamper, PE (Jim)
Senior Structural Engineer
Heery International, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
(E-Mail:  jstamper(--nospam--at)

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Subject: C1010

The AISI/ASE reference sounds right for the steel strain pole I am looking

Thanks to all who replied.

David Finley, PE

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Date: Thursday, August 10, 2000 3:10 PM
Subject: C1010

Something is wrong with the specification.  ASTM C1010, 30 DEC 1983,
"Standard Guide for Acceptance, Checkout, and Pre-Operational Testing of a
Nuclear Fuels Reprocessing Facility E1-1992R(1992)" or NAV NFGS-DB-C1010, 31
MAR 1998 INTERIOR PARTITIONS SYSTEMS or AISI or SAE 1010 steel that is a low
alloy steel, either cold-drawn or hot-rolled.


Harold Sprague

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Subject: C1010

I'm reviewing a shop drawing that includes a material reference of C1010 -
I'm guessing that they mean ASTM C1010.  I don't have an ASTM book that
includes that standard.

Can anyone tell what type of material ASTM C1010 covers?  Is it steel?

Thanks in advance,

David Finley, PE

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