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Clarify "Need some advices"

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Dear All,

First, I would like to thank those have sent me advices about my project. I'm doing my final year in Civil Engineering at RMIT University Australia. It is hard to believe but it's true that the information is not normally easy to access as in America. All the company shut the student out.

The office tower I was talking about is in fact Hong Kong Bank that all I know about it. One of the advisors have asked me the context that the building will stand up in. That is a very good question that I will bring it up to my lecturer next time. Below is my draft solution. I would like all brothers and sisters give me some advices on it.

-6 main reinforced concrete columns (layouted in rectangular) support all the trusses. These columns will have to be post-tensioned with stell against win pressure before the towers are connected so there would be tension failure in concrete subjected to lateral pressure.
-Steel trusses (9-10 m height)
-There will be cantilever part of the trusses in order to reduce the bending moments in the mid span regions of the adjacent bays.
-Light weight precast concrete slabs and panel.
-There will be steel columns between floors since they are in tension (floors are hung by trusses). -The question about the buildability: normal building we build from bottom to top....mean the bottom slab will support the above slab through columns sit on it. However, in this case, there will be no support at all from the ground to the first slab to the top floor (they are all been hung). Therefore, what kind of prop that can support 10 to 12 floors before they can be hung (supported) by the trusses connected to them.

For the context of this structure: assuming it locates at normal region...mean no high earthquake activity as California, no hurricance at Miami (Florida) and so on.

Thank you for your time

Kind regards,

Billy Tran

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