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RE: Welding A615 Grade 60

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It can be welded per AWS D1.4.  You should have the mill test reports to
determine the carbon equivalent.  If you don't have the mill test reports,
assume a CE above 0.75 (500 degree preheat).  It is all spelled out in AWS

Even with NDT inspection, special inspection and a known CE, I like to whack
it with a hammer similar to a stud test.  I have had occasions when I was
able to knock off all of the rebar welded to a steel frame (wrong paper
work).  Welded rebar hammer whacking (patent pending) is a quick and easy
test as well as a controlled enjoyable release of frustration.  It also
allows me to wax nostalgic about my days as an iron worker happily welding
rebar where I should not have.

Welded rebar hammer whacking is accomplished using a 2 pound (minimum)
hammer in a Tiger Woods 9 iron type swing.  If the welding is not done
properly there will be a ping sound and follow through with the hammer with
the rebar breaking off cleanly and flying approximately 10 yards.  If the
weld is properly done, the hammer will stop abruptly and bend the bar to
about a 20 degree angle.  The ping sound will be more of a bong sound.

Harold Sprague
Certified Welded Rebar Hammer Whacker

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> Subject:	Welding A615 Grade 60
> I know that it is not advisable to weld A615 Grade 60 rebar.  Under what
> circumstances that welding A615 Grade 60 is allowed?
> Thanks in advance for your comments.
> Engr. Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.

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