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RE: Nail Slip

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This was discussed on the list in July of 1999.  I posted on 7/8 and
7/15.  The archives contain the info.

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The list seems to have been down temporarily yesterday -- I'm not sure
my question got delivered to the list so I ask it again:

>I'm working with the UBC formula for deflection of a plywood sheathed
wall in Section 23.223 of UBC Standard 23-2.

The deflection determined by the formula and each of the terms in the
equation for shear wall deflection have units of length except the
nail slip
term, which has units of length x length (h has units of inches, and
en --
according to Table 23-2-K has units of inches).

What am I missing?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer<

I've concluded that the value of en must be unitless, instead of in
as stated in the Table.  I'm surprised that I haven't realized the
discrepancy before -- I've used the formula for years.  The value of
en is
stated as being in inches in my Wood Engineering Handbook by Faherty
Williamson, and in the diaphragm deflection formula in the 1973 UBC,
in both places it results in a discrepancy in the units.

Is there a derivation of the formula out there?  Is there a different

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer

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