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Re: Steel Roof Decking

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I am sure that you are already aware, but just in case...

If this building is to be insured by someone that requires satisfying
Factory Mutual requirements, then the 13'-4" spans will cause problems.
You may also have problems with meeting Factory Mutual's uplift attachment

Scott Maxwell, PE, SE

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Chris Towne wrote:

> Long span of 13'-4" and 30 psf of snow, balast roof
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>   16 gage seems very heavy. What is happening to this roof? Lots of in plane load, uplift, heavy snow?
>   I have used 2 layers in part to locally remedy some special situations that I don't remember what they were. I think putting the both of them together can be very costly if they are both expected to work as a diaphragm or to support uplift.
>   Ghassem
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>     I specified a 16 gage roof deck for a job and the contractor says that he cannot get it.  He wants to know if he can use 2 layers of 18 gage deck?  I think this would be ok if the two layers were bonded together by welding or other acceptable means.  What do you think?
>     Chris Towne
>     Chapman Technical Group
>     St. Albans, WV 25177

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