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Re: Nail Slip

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Thanks for pointing me to the answer.

Your explanation [in the Archives], that the implied units of the constant
in the nail-slip term of the equation is 1/ft, seems to make sense.  It
gives the nail slip term a value of 1/12  of the result I got by making the
Table value of en unit-less.  It also gives a result that makes the
contribution of nail-slip to the total deflection small rather than the
major component of shear wall deflection.

If the implied units of the constant were to be taken as 1/in, the result
would be the same as making en unit-less.

Is your use of an implied value of 1/ft rather than 1/in based on
documentation, or on what you know of the derivation of the deflection
equation?  Or is your explanation based on what you, too, found to give the
most sensible results?  I'd like to know that there is documentation and how
to find it.  I don't like to have to  use magic formulas.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer

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>This was discussed on the list in July of 1999.  I posted on 7/8 and
>7/15.  The archives contain the info.
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