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Re: Grade @ Anchor Bolts

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--- Nicholas Blackburn <nblackburn(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what mechanical properties I can expect for a Grade 2
> anchor bolt.  Our drawings indicated an A307 anchor bolt which the
> contractor's supplier said was not made.
> Thanks
> Nicholas Blackburn, PE

I have generally overcome the A307 availability issue by specifying A36
threaded rods with a nut at the embedded end (as opposed to a bolt head).

AISC recommends a different ASTM (Charlie?) whose number eludes me at the
moment.  Last time I mentioned it to the largest local steel service center
(AFCO Steel), they didn't know what I was talking about.  They had to call
their bolt supplier.

Also, AISC recommends bolt hole diameters in base plates that cannot
realistically work with standard bolt heads or nuts, so I recommend using nuts
and plate washers with standard holes on both sides of the base plate.

Finally, I have difficulty accepting that a nut or bolt head is sufficient for
the embedded end of an anchor bolt loaded in tension, so I add a plate there as

Of course, everyone is encouraged to point out any errors in these decisions.

Keith Fix, PE
Cromwell Architects Engineers

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