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Re: State of California & Building Code

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Bob - I don't think so. Every jurisdiction is not required to enforce the
California Building code for all structures. For example, exceptions are
noted in state law such as listed in 19100 of the Health and Safety Code
which can be found at under the blue button
titled "California Law".

Those exceptions include buildings not intended for human occupancy in
unincorporated areas, duplexes or single family dwellings in unincorporated
areas, farm buildings, those built prior to May 26, 1933, smaller labor camp
buildings. I'm paraphrasing. FYI, a "city and county" in this section refers
to the only city and county in the state, i.e. San Francisco.

All CA jurisdictions currently enforce the 1998 CA Bldg Code which is
largely based on the 1997 UBC with state amendments, some of which are
applicable to all occupancies. The CA Building Code is part of the CA
Buildings Standards Code.

You might want to ask the CA Bldg Stds Commission for more details (on Aug

Fred Turner, Staff Structural Engineer, California Seismic Safety
Commission, 1755 Creekside Oaks Drive Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95833
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> List,
> This post is for California only. Is every city or jurisdiction required
> adopt the California Building code for all structures? I realize the local
> cities and counties can add amendments and tweak provisions as has the
> with its matrix adoption tables. Can a jurisdiction adopt only the 1997
> Thanks,
> Bob Hanson

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