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Re: Por-Roc

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    <<  , does it do anything to her sexual partners if they don't take precautions?  >>
I have it on the best medical advice available to me that it WAS transferable at one time.  It's really a form of herpes, as I understand it and requires repeated exposure over a long period of time.  I have had myself tested back in Feburary of this year and no sign of HIV +, which is what it would show up as.  Since I have been taking matters in hand for some time now, I think it need not concern you.  I'm a pretty carefull cat, Kathy.
Prostate cancer?  My father died with it, not from it.  Whatever they are thinking about when one goes for a prostate exam, I know what they have to go through to examine it.  Well, they used to, now it is a simple blood test.  You don't cotton to me holding up Lee as a perfect ass hole?  Tough, that's the way I see her.
A little bitty shoulder hug to ya tonight.  :-)
Jimmy  C.......(hisself)