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Re: P.E. Exam Requirements

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<<<<- typically this means that you must obtain at least 4 years of
experience in the "real" world (i.e. working).  This work experience
typically must occur under the supervision of a licensed engineer (or


You may want to add, the 4 years of experience under the supervision of a PE 
should be "design experience" since the Board may not accept other experience 
equally towards the four year requirement. I encountered that having worked 
for a County Health Department reviewing design plans and performing 
inspections for my first year out of College. I saw several other engineers 
within the Health Department, some with as much as ten years of experience, 
having difficulty qualifying for the second part of the PE exam, let alone 
passing the exam. This opened my eyes and I left the Department after one 
year and went to work for a design firm. After four years of total work 
experience I submitted my first application to the Board and was rejected for 
"lack of experience". They did not count the year of Health Department 
experience as one year of experience. I had to work an additional 6 months 
with the design firm before resubmitting my application and in turn lost 
another year before actually being able to sit for the second part of the 

John Giardiello, PE

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