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Re: P.E. Exam Requirements

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--- Ted Conway <tconway(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I am all little confused on the requirements to become a registered
> P.E.  I know that the EIT is required and then the PE exam.  What about
> the rquirement of working under another PE for some length of time?
> Does this person have to be a PE in the same field?
> Ted Conway


this varies state-by-state, but the gist if it is this:

Get a degree from an NCEES accredited ENGINEERING school.  Take and pass the FE
(EIT) exam during your last semester as an undergraduate student.  Get a
Master's degree in engineering if you have the time and money.  Get a job doing
the kind of engineering you want.  Do AT LEAST four years "internship" and
obtain about five references (just in case somebody dies) from licensed
engineers who do what you do.  Take the Civil Engineering PE exam in the state
where you will work, or in the state where it is most difficult to get a
license (I chose California) if you think work outside the state in which you
live will be a problem.  Then get an NCEES record to speed comity requests
(when you get a license in another state based on your record in a state where
you already hold a license).  If you are a structural engineer, obtain a
structural engineering license as soon as possible (that's a little
complicated, but judging by your question, is also about 6-8 years in the

Variations from this pattern are not insurmountable, but they can cause
problems, or make it difficult or impossible to get a license in some states.

Don't get in a big hurry; the license isn't critically important unless you're

Keith Fix, PE
Cromwell Architects Engineers

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