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Re: P.E. Exam Requirements

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Thanks for your concern, but I had been working as a structural engineer for
almost five years before applying for the exam.  After that, I deferred another
six months when I felt unprepared for the seismic portion of the CA exam.  I
passed the exam first time thru (yeah!) and received notice this month that I
am licensed.  I just hung my certificate on the wall last night.  I now have
six years work experience (??? engineering experience).

I'll keep the list posted if I hit any snags.

Keith Fix
Cromwell Architects Engineers

--- Scott E Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Keith,
> You will want to be careful about getting your PE in California first.
> California requires fewer years of experience (2 years if I recall
> correctly) to obtain a PE.  This can potentially create problems in
> obtaining comity in some states.  I have heard of at least one story of
> how someone could not get comity in a state because they were allowed to
> take the PE exam in their original state prior to obtaining 4 years of
> experience.  I beleive that most states would still allow comity even if
> the other 2 years of experience were obtained after the getting a
> California PE.
> Scott Maxwell, PE, SE 
> On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Keith Fix wrote:
> > Take the Civil Engineering PE exam in the state
> > where you will work, or in the state where it is most difficult to get a
> > license (I chose California) if you think work outside the state in which
> > you live will be a problem.  

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