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SEAOSC FEMA 350 comments

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Why is SEAOSC (or SEAOC) posting comments on a report that to my knowledge
is not available to the general engineering community??
It would seem more beneficial for SEAOSC to post the 100% draft SAC

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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"Martin W. Johnson" <MWJ(--nospam--at)> on 08/21/2000 10:00:26 AM

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Subject:  SEAOSC FEMA 350 comments

Just a couple of clarifying comments regarding the document that was posted
the list server.

During the SEAOC seismology meeting that was held last week, the SEAOSC
respresentative asked if SEAOC would support posting it on the web server.
After some discussion, the committee declined, because (a) the SEAONC and
representatives have not had a chance to review the document yet, and (b)
because the comments were based on the so-called 100% draft copy of
While "100% draft" sounds pretty final, it is my understanding that there
actually quite a few changes that were made after that draft was published.

It is our intent that SEAOC will eventually provide commentary to the
document that engineers will receive.  The document posted on the list
represents an interim step towards that commentary.  However, it is
priviledge to publish this document if they choose to do so.
regards, Martin

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