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Re: Local Area Network

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"Barry H. Welliver" wrote:
> Please describe further your caution against peer to peer networking.
> Barry H. Welliver

There are a lot of reasons why we don't use a peer
to peer system.

1.  Since there is no "server" per se, you aren't
running of stable workhorse type operating systems
such as Windows NT or Windows 2000.  The workstation
version of these software are different than the
"server" edition of these softwares.  

2.  Peer to peer is really only good for sharing
printers or other accessories in my opinion.  You
want all the Data to be in one place, and you want
that to be always "on" and available.  That place is
the server.  Put the applications on the individual
PC's, data on the server.

3.  Peer to peer are very slow compared to true file
servers.  We have 14 people sharing our server, and
the speed of access is just like it was on your own
hard disk.  Peer to peer just can't match that.

4.  Security is very difficult on a peer to peer
network.  No problem on a server.

5.  Backup of files on a server can be automatic and
done every night while people are out of the office
on a server network.  It can be difficult on a peer
to peer, and if someone turns their computer off at
night, well, it just cannot be backed up and causes
a lot of problems.

A file server is really the only way to go, and the
cost is not that much more than a peer to peer.  The
server itself only needs a fast hard disk and
controller card.  Our server is a 133 Mhz Pentium,
and we never notice a slow down.  It is all about
the speed of accessing the hard disk.  We only have
64 megs of RAM on the server, which is plenty.  An
application server (where the applications are on
the server) on the other hand needs to be a monster
computer (tons or ram, multiple processors, etc.)
for it to run efficiently.  These servers can cost a
lot of money, and only make sense for larger

That is my two cents, based solely on my personal
past experience.  


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