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RE: PE exam

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To further complicate things, you are typically required to register for the
exam at least 4 months in advance (that is the number here in WA).  The
exams are given every six months.  So, if it takes more than 2 months to get
your results back then you don't have time to register for the next sitting
in the event that you need to retake it.  I've heard of some people
registering for the next exam "just in case".  This can also be a problem
for SE exam takers, who typically take the exam in several parts 6 months
apart.  They don't always find out if they have passed Part I before the
deadline to register for Part II.  Given that the pass rates for the PE and
SE exams are often well below 50% (PE pass rates have varied from 66% to 31%
over the past several years with the average around 40%), it's a contingency
worth thinking about.  

Paul Crocker

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Technically, I believe in most states that a PE license takes effect that
day that the exam was actually taken an passed.  For example, I had taken
and passed the exam in the month of October.  My license (when I received
it) stated that it went into effect in October.  The thing to keep in mind
is that it typically takes about 3 months or so to find out the results of
the exam.  Therefore, even thought you may have passed and your license if
technically in effect, you still KNOW that you passed and the license went
into effect for about 3 months after the fact.

Scott Maxwell, PE, SE

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