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Re: Local Area Network

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Lynn is correct with respect to peer to peer networks in my opinion.

Peer to Peer networks are like christmas tree lights.  If you loose one the
whole system is down.  In a central server if one machine goes down, the
rest of the office and the printers keep going.

I would further suggest that the workstations host all software not the
server.  Use the server as a "hub" and data storage, retrieval and back up.
If you load autocad, analysis software etc on the server you will slow the
whole network down.  If your server goes down, no one can work.  For any
office that really hurts.

If you load all the software on your workstation and save your data to your
network and your pc.  You keep yourself covered and provide the best chance
to keep on working in the event of the server crash or workstation crash.

A mirrored drive is nice, but i decided not to take one because I was
relying on my tape backup.  I figure I can get my computer company to take
my backup take and burn the latest or requested files onto a cd and then
copy those files to the local workstations.  Max downtime estimtated is

Hope this helps


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