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Re: The Patriot

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> Just seen the above flick, isn't it strange that the star left The U.S. in
> 1968 to avoid the Vietman draft for him and his brother!!

For anyone who's interested here's a Washington Post article on Gore's 
Vietnam service 
Sounded pretty average for the army--Gore didn't come out looking like 
Audie Murphy, but he could've done worse. 

Interesting parallels between the American Revolution and Vietnam. In the 
Revolution only about 1/3 of the people who eventually became Americans 
actively supported the American side of the war. About 1/3 were loyalist 
sympathizers and the remaining third didn't care much one way or the 
other. The British parliament had a number of notables, William Pitt for 
one, in sympathy with the Americans, like Al Gore senior and Sen 
Fulbright. And when it finally became obvious that the British couldn't 
win, King George, an avid supporter of the war, tried to abdicate (a la 
LBJ), although he was talked out if it. 

The real story of the Revolutionary War in the south was much better than 
Gibson's movie. Some of the things were true, like positioning the 
militia in the center of the American lines for only 3 rounds. But that 
was because the militia usually ran after firing that many volleys. 
Daniel Morgan told General Greene to put the militia in front with 
Continentals behind them with orders to shoot anyone who started to run. 
There's a painting of George Washington's cousin William fighting 
Banastre Tarleton (the model for Tavington) hand to hand, which actually 
happened. Washington's cavalry unit had broken up an attack by Tarleton 
and a small group of British and Americans were mixing it up when 
Washington's slave boy took a shot at one of the Brits who subsequently 
withdrew. Tarleton was eventually elected to Parliament and lived 'til 
the 1830's.

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