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International Recruiter (Also H1B)

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A friend of mine (PE Civil, 7+ yrs experience) is moving out of US because of his expiry of H1 visa.  He prefers moving to Vancouver (B.C.) Canada, India (his native country), Malaysia or Singapore.  I feel the best way to do that would be with the help of an international recruiter.  
1. Any suggestions for a international recruiter
2. How is the job scene for structural engineering in these countries?

Incidently I wanted to comment about the poster requesting information about displaced H1B workers:
My friend's case is about a displaced structural engineer who was US educated but has to leave the country because of the limit of the visa which is 6 years.  H1B workers are not neccesarily workers from other countries who have been imported recently.  They could also be students who came her to do their education (B.S, M.S or PhD) and decided on staying back.  I feel an education from here (provides the same foundation) as a american engineer to get familiar with the design, codes etc.  Lately a lot of activity has been going on in the congress and senate to increase the number.  But they are doing little to keep the good people here causing a brain drain.

It is an undisputed fact that there are many foreigners in the civil engineering departments of schools.

Any help would be appreciated for my friend.



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