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RE: Updating our structural library

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Title: RE: Updating our structural library

>AISC, LRFD Metric: Is there any new updates to that one? Is AISC planning to
>change the color of the cover to something less disgusting than rust? Should
>we start a petition for that one? (just kidding guys, don't get too

The Metric Conversion of the 2nd Edition LRFD Manual is still current. Sure, it's orange, but at least you can always find it!

>HSS manual: Any news on that one? The latest I know of was the first

The first edition HSS Manual is still current.

You can also find a detailed list of AISC publications (including specifications and codes) here:

The 1999 LRFD Specification (replaces the 1993 LRFD Specification) is in the works, but is not yet formally available because it is still being typeset and printed.