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Re: Patriot - Mel Gibson facts

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David Bejan Tehranchi wrote:
> I want to see Mel Gibson play a hardworking. underpaid structural engineer
> who saves the day with a pad of engineer paper, a pencil, and a beat up old
> copy of the AISC manual.  I want him to complain about "damned architects"
> and "cheap s[k]ate contractors" in a movie.

There was a guy a few years ago who was a civil/structural engineer, wrote a
couple of novels with structural engineering themes. One was about a dam that
failed, the other about a skyscraper that actually "fell".

In both cases, the hero was a brilliant young engineer who warns everyone ahead
of time, but no one listens until...DISASTER!

The "dam" novel had a Ph.D. candidate in California who'd developed a computer
program that could analyze dam structures in detail, which is how he knew the
dam would break. In the "skyscraper" novel, an "evil architect" who cared less
about whether his buildings were "safe" (which the engineer-hero was desperately
trying to communicate to him, to no avail) than his world-reknown.

Don't remember the title of either one--they were serialized in Civil
Engineering magazine, if I remember correctly, so that would put it in the late
70s-early 80s time frame--but I'm sure someone here could recall them (and the

Anyway, Mel's too old now to play the "brilliant young engineer", but I could
definitely see either or both as a great action flick vehicle for some young
star. The "engineer-stud" even had a sexy love interest in each story.

I recall the author was trying to "glorify" structural engineering in the way
that lawyers and doctors are always glorified in popular fiction (think "Coma"
or "The Rainmaker" for similar effect).

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