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RE: Anchor Bolts

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I, too, have heard about that urban legend where plates at the end of anchorbolts are a bad idea. Supposedly, they are more apt to create a failure plane in the concrete and provide no more pullout resistance than a headed bolt.
Just because you have not had a failure (yet), there is no cause for optimism :o).
No, I have no references to back up this urban legend, but I'm sure there are folks out there (and at PCA, PTI and ACI) that may have.

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Subject: Anchor Bolts

I noted some years ago when assessing tornado damage that "hooked" anchor bolts pulled straight out of the concrete leaving nothing but a 3/4" diameter hole.  Since then, when anchorage is critical I have specified straight anchor bolts with a minimum 3"x3"x3/8" plate between two nuts at the end of the embedded bolt.  Contractors and fabricators complain but the bolts do not pull out.
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