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RE: Local Area Network

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The hardware decisions are the easy ones.   You can never have enough disk

Would recommend that you upgrade your CAD and technical software to network
compatible versions.  This can allow you to run these programs on any
computer in the office as long as you do not exceed the number of availible
licenses.  In most cases the software does not run on the server but checks
the server or some other workstation to verify that not all the licenses
are in use.

The really critical decisions are related to how you manage your work.  For
example it is essential that people get out of the habbit of saving files
to the local workstation but rather saving everything on the server.

Mark Gilligan

>We are a medium size structural engineering firm with about 12 to 15
employees and are considering a LAN to connect our computers, plotters, and

Our consultant is recommending a LAN with a dedicated server (rather than
peer to peer network).  We would welcome feedback and advice from firms who
have already done it.  How much disk space would be enough (or would it
ever be enough!).  Our consultant has configured a server with 18 GB.


Sunil Gupta, SE
OLMM Consulting Engineers

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