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Re: Local Area Network

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"Mark E. Deardorff" wrote:
> As usual you fill your posts with BS but no facts. Why?

Simple. I like to bug you.

> Support you
> arguments with information and not the venomous hatred you have for Bill
> Gates.

I don't recollect saying one word about Bill Gates, either recently or at any
other time. I am completely apathetic on the topic of "Bill Gates".

> It is really childish, Bill. NT is an excellent server and it
> actually works for large systems.

NT sucks. How else can I put it? It is unstable, it is difficult to scale, it
costs great gobs of money to "support", it is proprietary and thus can change
direction on the whim of Microsoft. Look at Windows 2000. Like NT 4.0 before it,
it was this HUGE departure from its predecessor (read "we fixed some bugs, now
go find more").

> Linux is great for one-man shops like
> yours but don't hurt these innocents who will waste many hours trying to
> setup a very UNFRIENDLY system in a networked setting. Plus, once setup, the
> server computer is useless for anything else.

I have tried to set up simple networking using Windows NT 4.0, and failed.

I set up Linux in about one week, including all the software needed for Internet
serving, as well as local networking. It was no picnic, but compared to Windows
NT--where only if you pay huge bucks can you get support--it was actually

Windows NT is for large shops that do not care how much money they spend on IT
maintenance per year, just so long as they have it budgeted. If you want "lean
and mean" and HUGE bang for the buck, you will go with Linux. There's just no
argument available to you that indicates otherwise.

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