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access office computer from home

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We used remote access for a while, where you just
dial in direct through a modem.  But you can only
have one person online at a time that way.  We have
three employees who frequently work from home, and I
like to get into our office server from home also.  

So we are now using the VPN (I think it stand for
virtual personal network) feature of Microsoft
Exchange 2000.  It makes it pretty easy to do.  You
do need a fast connection if you want more than one
person on at a time.  DSL, Cable Modem or T1 is what
is necessary.  The server MUST have the fast access,
and the connecting home computer should have it
also, but if they don't, it is just their connection
that is slow and it doesn't slow everyone else down.

Anyway, Microsoft Exchange 2000 is still in Beta
testing (I think, it is supposed to be officially
released real soon), and you can download the Beta
test version from Microsoft for Free.  So far, no
problem for us using this software.  We have only
been doing this for about 2 months now, so we are
not real experienced with it yet.

What is kind of neat is that you can not only access
the server, but any other item that is shared on the
network like the plotters.  I also like to access
information on my personal workstation hard disk
from home.  I "shared" my hard disk from my work
computer on the company network, and put a password
on it so only I would be able to get to it.  I leave
the computer on when I go home, and now I can not
only access the server hard disk, but also my
personal work station hard disk from home.

Good luck.


Ken Peoples wrote:
> I know this is not a structural question but I'm
> sure that the answers would be of interest to many
> on the list.  I recently switched companies and
> now have the option of accessing my work computer
> from home for late at night work, but we do
> not have any kind of system set up to do this.
> We only have about 15 people on computers and
> would probably only have three or four accessing
> from home.  Can any of you recommend how to go
> about this - or where to look?
> Thanks for your help,
> Ken Peoples
> Kenneth S. Peoples, P. E.
> Lehigh Valley Technical Associates
> 2102 Main St. Suite 200
> Northampton, PA 18067
> ph: 610-262-6345
> fax: 610-262-8188
> email: lvta(--nospam--at)

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