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Re: Notso Whitty Patriot - Mel Gibson facts

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Neil Moore wrote:
> Mr. DeLapp:
> I suggest that you start your own list for engineers where the topics
> would only be jokes, religious discussions and political discussions.
> This way, I could somewhat alleviate the cramp in my fingers when I
> automattically hit the delete button.
> Neil Moore, S.E.

As one of the original "polluters" on this thread....let's drop this.  I
thought I was responding so some other list in the first place....and
the comments I *have* made I sent offline.

What's annoying me even more about this thread is that this has NOTHING
to do with engineering or the business of engineering, but we had far
more complaints about the thread about "offshore CHEAP design work vs.
on-site registered/accreditted/LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE design work."  That
thread directly addressed business practices, design decisions, and
personnel issues.  This thread bounces from US presidential candidates
to Mel Gibson bashing to Mel Gibson adoration.

For a free exchange of ideas, if enough people want one for structural
engineers, why don't we set up a seperate forum and only those who want
to engage in such discussions will be dealing with it?  Don't
forget...some people work in companies that prohibit non-business
emails, and this Mel Gibson stuff would qualify.  It would also give the
list moderator an option besides giving someone a yellow card for "bad
posting" and killing the thread....simply moving such discussion
elsewhere, allowing the thread to live or die as interest demands
WITHOUT subjecting others to non-technical discussions.

Bart Kemper, P.E.

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