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Re: Notso Whitty Patriot - Mel Gibson facts

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I suggest that you start your own list for engineers where the topics would only be jokes, religious discussions and political discussions.  This way, I could somewhat alleviate the cramp in my fingers when I automattically hit the delete button.

Neil Moore, S.E.

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Mr. John Whitty & esteemed list membership:
I have included John's email only to illustrate a point.  It is not my intention to insult John's attempt nor the attempts of others to censor the dialogue on this list.

I responded on November 2, 1999 with a similar email.  I kept it around because I knew that not much time would pass before this topic would reappear.

This is an adaptation of my original email...

I have been monitoring the list for about twelve months now and have the following to say:

The recent comments suggesting the restriction of topics discussed to those of engineering related issues and expressly banning "all/most/some humor/politics/entertainment/human interest" dialogue is in my opinion so far off in left field that it threatens the very existance of this forum.

Some of us want to define how this forum functions for all who are served by it.

Seems to me, this would only result in reduced professional participation.  A significant disservice to the profession and all who participate in this forum.  I find both personal time and professional fellowship to be invaluable and at best a difficult balance.  I believe many of us look to this list not only for professional technical information but also for professional fellowship.  I believe many seek this fellowship in whatever happens to be the topic of the day.

I suggest we allow this forum to continue to serve us in a flexible manner.  The primary purpose of engineering discourse is of course an obvious and forgone conclusion.

I think we need to to remind ourselves that however different this forum serves us, it serves us all equally.  For without it's participants this list would serve no one.  This is an evolving medium that must evolve to serve the participants of an evolving profession.

To police the exchange of ideas, yes this includes humor (used here as a form of social interaction), is self defeating.  After all we are all professionals, perhaps different but I believe equal. 

Of course this is just my opinion, I could be wrong. (credit for this line to Dennis Miller)

Keith De Lapp, P.E.