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RE: Local Area Network

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As usual you fill your posts with BS but no facts. Why? Support you
arguments with information and not the venomous hatred you have for Bill
Gates. It is really childish, Bill. NT is an excellent server and it
actually works for large systems. Linux is great for one-man shops like
yours but don't hurt these innocents who will waste many hours trying to
setup a very UNFRIENDLY system in a networked setting. Plus, once setup, the
server computer is useless for anything else.

LINUX won't run autocad or any other important software. We run NT server
with absolutely NO problems. We also have our web server (Xitami, an open
source web server), FTP server and networking to remote offices. NO
DOWNTIME. Sorry, but NO DOWNTIME. NONE! My VB distrbuted applications
actually run on my server!

>From what I have read LINUX is crap when it comes to enterprise computing.
It is not scaleable and is a pain in the butt to setup.

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> For implementation cost, uptime, reliability, upgrade cost,
> and a host of other
> reasons, when we switch to client-server, it will be Linux.
> We won't even look
> at NT. Why anyone would want to pay that much--unless he's a corporate
> deep-pockets that doesn't care about money and doesn't want
> to have to explain
> to the CEO why he's going with Linux instead of what the
> CEO's golfing buddies'
> companies all use--for Windows NT, is beyond my ability to understand.

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