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Re:RE: Engingeering vacation spots

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I hope we don't upset the hard workers on Monday night (my filter sent this to
the trash, but I was intrigued).  Anyway:

I concur with the Mackinaw Bridge, in fact isn't it Labor Day when they let you
walk across (or is it Memorial Day) all 5 miles?  The center lanes are steel
grids to let the wind blow through, and you can look down to the water (not for
the faint of heart).  You can then go north to the locks at Sault Ste. Marie,
since you have Michigan, you can call it Ontario if you are including Provinces.

By the way isn't it Hoover Dam (no political undertone intended), just want to
get the name right.

For California, the obvious response is The Golden Gate, but I prefer the Bay
Bridge because you get two bridges and a tunnel for just one toll.  You can see
them both in a short time.   What about the Los Angeles Aqueduct (including the
Saint Francis Dam site if you want some Civil Engineering History), or the
California Aqueduct, which would require a tour of California.  Or how about the
San Andreas reservoir in the San Andreas Fault Zone (is that Planning or Civil
Engineering?).  Or perhaps the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir before they decide to
demolish it (where was CEQA back then?).  

I could go on...

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Michigan - Mackinaw Bridge
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  Hello all,

  I would like to develop a list of engineering vacation destinations.  Kind of
like, if I'm in a state what would be  a "must see" from an engineer's
viewpoint.  The obvious first selection would be Boulder Dam when I go to Las
Vegas.  Any other suggestions?  I'd eventually like to get at least one in each

  Any takers?

  Thanks in advance,
  Doug McCurdy

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