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RE: Engingeering vacation spots

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West Virginia: New River Gorge Bridge!!!!!!!
Its the longest single span steel arch bridge in the world.  The deck is 876 feet above the river.
Every 3rd Saturday of October, the state celebrates the Bridge's anniversary.  About 100,000 people show up to walk across the bridge.  Many vendors with crafts and flea market stuff line up along the bridge to sell their wares.
Besides checking out the awesome fall foliage, you can also watch 300 BASE jumpers jump from the bridge using parachutes.  This will be my 8th year of attending and my 25th jump from the bridge (brag & bull plug).
John Connor, PE
Kansas City, MO 
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Subject: Engingeering vacation spots

Hello all,
I would like to develop a list of engineering vacation destinations.  Kind of like, if I'm in a state what would be  a "must see" from an engineeris viewpoint.  The obvious first selection would be Boulder Dam when I go to Las Vegas.  Any other suggestions?  I'd eventually like to get at least one in each state.
Any takers?
Thanks in advance,
Doug McCurdy